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What/Who is a Content-Provider ?

A content-provider is a person, a couple or a group of people who would like to share and promote their adult content on this website. 

Uploading Files

After you have registered you can upload any of your content [video] to your workspace; this is a secure area or folder on our web-server and will not be viewed publically. You can re-upload or delete content at any time. This content must be your own and by uploading you agree that all parties shown, named or included in any way have your full permission for this upload of content. 

What happens next ?

If your content meets our standards [a broad church] then it will be published on our site with public accesss when you click PUBLISH.

Take Down or Complaints

If any of your content is subject to a complaint for any reason then we will take it down from public access or viewing; after a short period of investiagtion this content may be restored or removed subject to enquiries.

Legal Compliance or the small-print

All parties participating in your supplied/uploaded media may need to provide us with a full model release, but this is normally only required in the event of a complaint.

This is to ensure that all models are over 18 or 21 and they have full knowledge and are in agreement with their willing participation in any such media.

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